My team has been waitlisted, when will I be removed?

Teams are automatically added to a waitlist when they register for the tournament. This allows the tournament organizers time to review your application and your team's standings in order to place you in an appropriate division — or allow time for more teams to register. Once removed from the waitlist and placed into pending status, you will be notified by the tournament organizers and should submit payment promptly.

As the Caledonia Cup fills up fairly quickly, we anticipate all teams will be notified of their status on or before May 15. If you are still on the waitlist at this time, you will likely not have been accepted into the tournament for this edition.

Where will the Caledonia Cup be played?

The 2024 Summer Caledonia Cup will be played at two locations:

Grant MacEwan Park (Edmonton Scottish Society)
3126 Ewing Trail SW
Edmonton, AB  T6X 1A1

Ivor Dent Sports Park
500 Ivor Dent Park Road SW
Edmonton, AB  T6X 1A4

Are there U10 and U12 divisions at the Caledonia Cup?

As tournament sanctioning is generally sought 6-12 months in advance, the tournament has not been sanctioned for U10 and U12 play.

Teams currently playing in U10 will be placed in U11 Tier 2/3 divisions and play 8v8; teams currently playing U12 should look to register in U13 Tier 2/3 and will play 11v11. We will look to amend this to match EMSA for the 2025 Summer tournament.

Can we stay in our own hotel?

As of 2024, the Caledonia Cup is now a 'Stay and Play' tournament.

We have partnered with HTG Sports for the 2024 Caledonia Cup and beyond! Teams travelling over 150km to the Caledonia Cup are required to stay at a tournament host hotel.

Please book through the following link.

When will schedules be released?

We anticipate that the initial schedule will be published by May 22, and confirmed by May 29. This is in order to ensure referees are assigned and so there are no conflicts.

Are bronze medals awarded for your tournament?

We no longer award bronze medals at the Caledonia Cup — only gold and silver medals are awarded.